Review Policy

If you are an author, agent or publishing company interested in getting me to review your book, please read my review policy before contacting me about a review! Thanks!

As of November 24th, 2020:

I am accepting books from both self-published authors, publishing houses and literary agents. I prefer physical but I can read ebook as long as it is in PDF format! I will make a full effort to finish the book within one week of receiving it in exchange for an honest review.

My reviews will be honest with constructive criticism. They are not meant to be degrading or bad, but I will not lie to my audience in favor for an excellent rating.

My favorite genres/types are: YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Contemporary, ChickLit, Drama, and Mystery. Please no excessive erotic or explicit content. Comparison: Sarah J. Maas level of R-rated content.

If your book does not appeal to me, I reserve the right to decline. I only want to read and review books that I am passionate about and genuinely want to read.

I will disclose whether this book was given for a review or not. My book reviews are always 100% authentic and share my genuine thoughts about the book.

If your book follows the Review Policy, please use the contact form (found when clicking the “Contact Me” page) so that I can respond to your email ASAP.

Thank you for considering me to review your book, it means a lot!

Questions? Email me at with the subject: “Question: Review Policy”

Thank you!

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